Living a Safe Life Free From Asbestos Siding

It was normal for buildings in the 19th and 20th centuries to be constructed using asbestos materials, with asbestos siding the most common of all. People did realize the dangers of asbestos but could barely link their home siding with any form of danger until early in the 80s when experts began questioning safety of the siding.

Should you have doubts about your ancient building containing asbestos in the siding; the following information will be of great help to uncover any problem.

In a home built years dating back to 1980 and before, chances are asbestos materials were part of the components that were used to build the house. If by chance there is still the siding at the outside of the house, it must be thoroughly checked for any form of mutilation. If everything is well in place, you do not stop there. Leave it undisturbed and immediately seek the services of a qualified engineer to take care of it, failure to which you might end up getting exposed to asbestos.

You must assess your siding for additional information about its manufacture and if there is no information, it is highly likely it is an asbestos siding because materials manufactured after 1980 contained compulsory codes to ascertain there was no asbestos involved.

Sidings resembling roofing shingles were used exclusively before the year 1980 when asbestos was still very popular in manufacture. To ascertain the presence of asbestos, the paper on the front or rear usually has some rough feel or coarse texture, which exhibit asbestos presence.

After the ban of asbestos manufacture, companies still continued using the same substance but this time around they completely manipulated product looks to resemble asbestos-free sidings. Better safe than sorry, if you are not sure about whether what you have is asbestos siding or not, you better call an expert to clarify the situation.

Asbestos health risks

Asbestos siding can be neglected with the mentality that it bears very little amount of asbestos. This is a grave misconception and must be abolished forthwith as asbestos is very fatal even when inhaled in very small quantities. Most patients suffer from mesothelioma, asbestosis, and lung cancers among other chronic respiratory disorders due to minor intake of asbestos.

Removal of asbestos from a siding can only be done by a professional with a government license. Trying to get rid of asbestos without the right authority is a punishable offence because it is an act of suicide as well as putting other people to risk.

Asbestos has been said to be dangerous only when damaged, but the ordinary eye may not tell whether asbestos siding is damaged or not. It is therefore advisable to put on protective masks when coming near any asbestos containing material or building.

It is very possible to insulate asbestos with another cover/layer to maintain it in position and avoid it dispersing to the air.  

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