Lawsuit of $3.4 Million

$3.4 million won by Mesothelioma Victim

The deceased family member was an employee of Advocate mines who went by the name of Mr. Richard Worthley. Mr Worthley worked at the plant for ~24 years from where he was exposed to Asbestos.

In the year 2004, Richard was diagnosed with Mesothelioma and the resulting lawsuit was filed against the 'Mines' for negligence, failure to warn workers and product liability which were in direct conflict with asbestos exposure between the 1960's and 1970's.

Where Richard worked all them years in jobs such as painting, production planning etc, the family state that he was breathing in all the harmful fibres which later developed to cancer.

The claim itself is justified that Advocate mines should have warned their workers of the potential dangers of Asbestos which 'were' defined in the year 1963, thus providing more accurate safety precautions.

From the Jury's decision, the family was awarded $3.4 million, which later resulted in the plant filing for bankruptcy leading to its close in the year 1984.

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