5 Year Battle Over

After a five year battle, many families in the UK have finally discovered that they will be compensated in a number of months.

Hundreds of individuals were effected and the entire lawsuit was based around people who worked at the Washington Chemical Company.

Over a 100 former workers of the Washington Chemical Company have already died from contracting an asbestos related disease, due to prior asbestos exposure at this site.

They all died during the trial which pretty much secured the win. The pay outs have been awarded to the families of the deceased loved ones and the last few remaining survivors.

Compensation pay outs for the workers from the parent company, Washington Chemical Company will pay out in access of £36 000 000 with some pay outs exceeding £100 000 to individual families or loved ones.

18 months ago, the company bosses tried to settle so that they would only have to pay out to individuals amounts that were approximately 20% to what there were entitled, however, this argument has failed and those affected will receive around the 80% mark in funds.

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