$1.8 Billion Runs Out

James Hardie, responsible for paying thousands of people who where exposed to asbestos says the $1.8 billion fund is running out. This will cause many people to not receive payments or even any at all before dying.

This has led to a possible injection of funds from the government in the amount of $150 000 000 to ensure that victims are fully paid.

With a total of $100 000 000 a year being paid from the fund, it is a sure fact that the money will run out. This has enabled 'Hardie' to delay payments.

Out of the last three years, Hardie has not made payments for 2 of them due to a loop hole discovered in the system. This loop hole allows them to either pay the entire amount owed or only 35% of its free cash flow.

Quite a few of the people in this lawsuit will not receive any compensation of any kind.

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